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Preventing future pandemics starts with information

Exploring Biodiversity and Zoonotic Disease Dynamics in Guinea

As part of the BCOMING project in Guinea, CERFIG organised a field mission from 12th to 27th January 2024, for capturing rodents and sampling bats in the Samyankhouré cave, Madina-Oula sub-prefecture.
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BCOMING just started! A Horizon Europe project that protects biodiversity 

Biological samples as well as epidemiological, ecological, socio-economic and environmental data will be collected in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems across all BCOMING study sites, while standardising and complementing the data collection initiated by the consortium members in their ongoing collaborative projects. 
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BCOMING in the news! Maladies émergentes : le Cirad de Montpellier décroche la coordination d'un projet de recherche européen

Julien Cappelle, vétérinaire et écologue de la santé au Cirad de Montpellier, pilote le projet qui mobilisera une centaine de scientifiques dans huit pays. Objectif : repérer les risques d'émergence de nouveaux virus et proposer des solutions concrètes pour éviter une nouvelle pandémie. 
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