Innovating to protect biodiversity and prevent future pandemics

Developing tools and innovations for diverse geographical contexts

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What we do

Studying epidemic risk in different levels of biodiversity

Our activities take place across three tropical biodiversity hotspots
with different environmental and socio-cultural settings

Our methodology

How do we work?

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    Sampling and Data Collection

    Improving our knowledge of the main drivers and mechanisms leading to the emergence of zoonotic diseases and pandemics.
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    Data Analysis

    Processing data with innovative pathogen detection and analytical methods developed for each study area.
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    Knowledge Sharing

    Involving stakeholders to support the design, spread and application of novel solutions.
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    Knowledge Integration

    Integrating BCOMING findings with local knowledge and scientific literature through the development of seven specific agent-based models (ABMs).

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Who we are

People with biodiversity at heart

BCOMING counts with partners based across four continents and who are experts in biomedical, environmental and social sciences.

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Welcome - Who we are
Julien Cappelle
With BCOMING, we are looking  to understand the mechanisms that favour infectious disease emergence  and the links between biodiversity and human health. The aim is to  develop biodiversity conservation and disease monitoring strategies that  will reduce the risks of emergence.
Julien Cappelle
Health Ecologist at CIRAD, BCOMING coordinator

Our mission is aligned with green
initiatives and goals

Latest news and events

BCOMING - Bats ectoparasites study

The BCOMING project aims to conduct a thorough evaluation of biodiversity across various anthropogenic gradients and scales. In Cambodia, the scientific team is focusing on the bat interface as a key component, not only to assess zoonotic risk but also to understand broader ecological dynamics. Among the features being evaluated are the communities of bats' ectoparasites, which play important roles in bats’ ecosystem health and disease transmission dynamics between them. Bats harbor a diverse array of ectoparasites, including fleas, flies, ticks, and mites for examples, and are an integral part to the intricate relationships between them, their hosts, and the environment. Despite being often overlooked, these ectoparasites appear to be essential ecological components and can serve as indicators of ecosystem health. While poorly understood, these ectoparasites, through occasional changes of host, could facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases within bat colonies. Two families, Streblidae and Nycteribiidae, stand out for their unique adaptations and behaviors within the bat ecosystem.

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Exploring Biodiversity and Zoonotic Disease Dynamics in Guinea

As part of the BCOMING project in Guinea, CERFIG organised a field mission from 12th to 27th January 2024, for capturing rodents and sampling bats in the Samyankhouré cave, Madina-Oula sub-prefecture.
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Bridging the Gap

Mammals, a vital component of terrestrial ecosystems, are facing drastic declines due to anthropogenic changes in landscapes. With many species secluded in protected areas and facing extreme conservation status, there is a growing need for rapid, cost-effective, and noninvasive methods to monitor their populations. Within BCOMING, it is important that we use the most accurate techniques to establish biodiversity assessment as it is a core component in our research on pathogen circulation. Our team at Université de Liège in Belgium, consisting of Dr Pauline van Leeuwen and Prof. Johan Michaux, delves into the scientific literature for non-invasive methods to detect mammalian species in the field. They published the first scientific article supported by the BCOMING consortium. This study compares conventional survey methods and the emerging environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding technique for mammal biodiversity assessment.

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