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Full name

BCOMING, Biodiversity Conservation to Mitigate the risks of emerging infectious diseases

Funding Programme

HORIZON Research and Innovation Actions


€ 5.99 Million





BCOMING is a Horizon Europe project that aims to understand biodiversity loss so that we can prevent and react to future pandemics.

Current solutions to prevent pandemics are not easily applicable by the stakeholders, and are not adapted to the different contexts. This is where BCOMING's unique approach comes into play: cross-sectoral collaborative processes, multiple workshops and feedback loops will be implemented throughout the project to make sure the users will co-develop biodiversity conservation and disease surveillance strategies that suit their needs.

The activities of the project will be implemented in Europe and three tropical biodiversity hotspots in Southeast Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean and will have the following expected impacts:

  • BCOMING will lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying the impact of biodiversity on the risk of infectious disease emergence
  • Participatory tools developed will facilitate the design of context-adapted biodiversity conservation and restoration strategies that reduce zoonotic risk
  • The surveillance strategies and pathogen detection tools developed will improve the capacities to detect emergences and stop future epidemics before they can turn into pandemics

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