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Understanding the mechanisms underlying the impact of biodiversity on the risk of infectious disease emergence can help us prepare, prevent and react to future pandemics.

Did you know that 75% of human infectious diseases originate from animal reservoirs?

The drastic reduction of biodiversity in the last decades, has contributed to an equally drastic growth and transmission of infectious diseases.

BCOMING started as a post-pandemic project that aims to understand how biodiversity loss is linked to the spread of zoonotic diseases and limit their emergence by means of biodiversity conservation strategies and disease surveillance.

The bulk of the work will use data extracted from three very different tropical regions:
West Africa, South East Asia, and the Caribbean.

The project comprises substantial amount of sampling and data collection that will be used in modelling and risk mapping. BCOMING also counts with an inclusive collaborative process to engage all the parts in the implementation and scale up of our findings.

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BCOMING is a Horizon Europe project led by Julien Cappelle, disease ecologist at CIRAD, who, in partnership with the PREZODE initiative and strong scientific project partners, will concentrate their efforts in areas where biodiversity hotspots are declining due to human activity,
in order to understand, prevent and react to future pandemics.

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