BCOMING field trips in Guinea and Cambodia (part 2)

Following the first field trip to Guinea I joined the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC)  field team from May 2nd  to 8th to Stung Treng, one of the main study site for the whole BCOMING project.

BCOMING field trips in Guinea and Cambodia (part  2)

Joined by colleagues from Fauna and Flora International (FFI), the University of Liege (UL) and agents from the Forestry Administration, we had the opportunity to finalize the preparation of several protocols that will be implemented in BCOMING.On the bat ecology side, we discussed Thavry HOEM, leader of the IPC field team and future PhD student, the main protocols of her future PhD: capture, mark, recapture and sampling of bats to monitor their population dynamics and its impact on the circulation of pathogens such as coronaviruses; bioaccoustic recordings in various anthropized and natural habitats to understand the spatial distribution of bats in this fast changing environment and camera trapping to observe interactions between bats and other animals.

Additionally, we made the first sampling of eDNA and discussed the protocols for the study of microbiotes of bats, humans and domestic animals with Pauline Van Leeuwen, post-doctoral fellow at Universté de Liège. With repeated sampling across two years, Stung Treng is a key site in BCOMING and will provide data for different modelling approaches developped in WP3,4,5. Having the project started in this site was a great milestone and I look forward to coming back to Cambodia and analyse the data coming from these different protocols.

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Exploring Guadeloupe: BCOMING's Latest Mission in Aquatic Diversity

Our team, consisting of Dr. Marine Combe, Dr. Claudia Bommarito and Prof. Rudy E. Gozlan from the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development in Montpellier (France), just returned from a mission in Guadeloupe for the BCOMING project, which took place between the 22nd and the 28th of October.

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Sampling Campaigns In Ivory Coast, Cambodia and Guadeloupe (Aquatic Part)

As part of the BCOMING project, a series of aquatic (freshwater) samplings were performed in Ivory Coast (May 2023), Cambodia (July 2023) and Guadeloupe (October 2023) to identify the patterns of biodiversity of the aquatic communities and their parasites in tropical areas along a gradient of urbanisation, with the aim of i) identifying drivers of disease emergence and ii) preventing disease risk. Our team consist of Dr. Marine Combe (CR, IRD), Dr. Claudia Bommarito (PostDoc, IRD), Prof. Rudy E. Gozlan (DR, IRD) and Ms. Chloé Lefebvre (Technician, IRD) from the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) and the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier (ISEM), France. As responsible team of the aquatic sampling, it was exciting to finalize together the last details of the sampling, prepare and ship the material, and finally see the field campaigns taking place.

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The impact of biodiversity in our health

September is synonym of back-to-school time, so let’s refresh some #BCOMING key concepts!

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